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(HATY) – in Ukrainian, "HOUSES"

(COHATY) – in Ukrainian, “TO LOVE”

CO-HATY is a co-housing project for people who lost their homes due to war.

The full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine forced around 12 million Ukrainians to leave their homes. Of those, 6.5 million people moved to the Western part of the country. The scarcity of housing opportunities became an urgent challenge, making us think: how could architects help? 


In March 2022, we launched the CO-HATY project to create housing for internally displaced people. The project was initiated by METALAB, an urban laboratory from Ivano-Frankivsk, and members of the Urban Curators independent agency, who relocated from Kyiv. Later, more internally displaced specialists joined the team. With the support of our partners and volunteer community, we renovate buildings creating housing with love and dignity. 


We implement architectural and urban expertise, cooperate with local governments and property owners, raise budgets for repairing and furnishing, coordinate the construction process, and design furniture for retrofitted spaces. We welcome all kinds of support, let’s create CO-HATY together!


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