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furniture for compact residences

In creating housing for internally displaced people, the CO-HATY team strives to fill temporary homes with care and comfort. We observed life in shelters, interviewed internally displaced people, and learned about their experiences and needs. Based on this, we designed a set of furniture for the temporary residences. A CO-HATY bed by Tania Pashynska is one of these pieces. 


While creating this bed, we implemented the following ideas making the item suitable for any compact living space.

Easy assembling and transportation




Sustainable production

Double bed option

Assembling the bed does not require tools and takes only several minutes. Also, this piece is easy to pack and has compact shipping dimensions - length of each element does not exceed 4 feet.

The height of the bed with the mattress is the chair's height. So, in compact spaces it can be used as a sofa for guests or a working chair.

The height and construction of the bed allow for maximizing storage space underneath, which is crucial for compact residences.

We have noticed that it is uncomfortable for older people to get up from lower beds. So we adjusted the height to make them more accessible.

The beds were produced locally from regionally sourced materials. It makes the process sustainable and supports the local economy.

Two single beds are easily transformable into one double bed. It makes the item suitable for different types of residents’ families.

The prototype of the bed was developed during a workshop in product design held by the project “New Economy of Ivano-Frankivsk (NEF) – support for new innovative clusters of economic activity in Ivano-Frankivsk.” It is funded by the European Union as a part of the “Mayors for Economic Growth” program.

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