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Area: 2300 m2

Capacity: 170 IDPs

Partner: Second Home IF 

Spent: USD 38,000 

Support in materials and goods: USD 102,000

Renovation time: 6 weeks

Progress: 100% Status: 24 rooms and common spaces refurbished. Inhabitants have moved in.

Refurbishing the part of the dormitory in Ivano-Frankivsk became a pilot project for CO-HATY. 


At the end of March 2022, the CO-HATY team joined the volunteer initiative “Second Home IF” to renovate a university dormitory, uninhabited for the last five years. Over 100 volunteers took part in these works. Most of them are internally displaced persons from different parts of Ukraine. 


Throughout the project, we renovated and furnished 24 rooms, as well as common spaces. These include four kitchens, a dining and children’s room, bathrooms and laundry, a coworking space, and an entrance area. Most of the furniture was made by local producers. 


Financial support was provided by IM Swedish Development Partner, MitOst, Raumpioniere, Danish Refugee Council, and local communities from different parts of the world. Most of the funding was collected from personal charitable donations.

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