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Area: 1132 m2 

Capacity: 80 IDPs 

Estimated cost: USD 200,000 

Estimated renovation time: 2.5 months

Progress: 55% 

Status: We selected solution for sewerage system, renewed interior works and replaced part of the windows

IMAGE 2022-10-19 13_10_15.jpg

In June 2022, the CO-HATY project started renovating a former hotel building. It is private property with about 30 rooms. As this building used to be a hotel, each room has a separate bathroom, which is convenient for future residents. 

The building needed a roof, heating, and other utility systems replacement. A spacious dining room with regional-style wooden decor is one of the features of this hotel. After restoring and building the furniture, this room will serve as a community space. Other on-site facilities include a coworking space, a room for children, a sauna, and a laundry room.


Financial support is provided by the Sign of Hope charity association.