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Area: 1132 m2 

Capacity: 80 IDPs 

Estimated cost: USD 280,000 

Estimated renovation time:
9 months

Progress: 95% 

Status: We have built and launched the boiler room. The building is almost ready for the residents to move in

IMAGE 2023-02-22 14_02_46.jpg

In June 2022, the CO-HATY project started renovating a former hotel building. 


It is private property with 35 rooms. As this building used to be a hotel, each room has a separate bathroom, which is convenient for future residents. 


The heating system needed replacement, including the construction of the boiler room. Also, we replaced all utility systems and the roof. We are also going to insulate the facade. 


In this project, we partially replanned the larger spaces into living blocks and made the first floor accessible for people with disabilities. We are creating a coworking space, a children's playroom, and a laundry. Also, we designed a terrace for the courtyard. 


A spacious dining room with regional-style wooden decor is one of the features of this hotel. 

After restoring and building the furniture, this room will serve as a community space.


Funding for this project was provided by the German Federal Foreign Office in partnership with the humanitarian organization Sign of Hope, IM Swedish Development Partner, and the Association of Real Estate Specialists of Ivano-Frankivsk.

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