Workshop #10.

Three Courtyards


Lead by:

Marta Hladka (Ivano-Frankivsk)



August 12-13, 15-16, 18-19 / 6 days



Three courtyards in the central part of the city


What is the workshop about?

It's about involving residents from three central courtyards of the city to jointly solve the problems of the area around their homes: garbage, lack of paving, irrational use of improvement space, illegal occupation of the territory. The idea of the workshop is to show the opportunities for alternative use of the courtyards as spaces for common and comfortable gatherings for all the locals around. Every courtyard will have to make it through a way from dreaming to action. The first phase - meeting and discussion with the follow-up planning. This phase will provide space for passive participation of the residents in the process of improving their common space, but will also encourage the first steps towards "good neighborliness". The second phase is joint work, which involves the selection of one tool for improving the courtyard ("vertical gardening", "summer cinema", etc.), that will be implemented by inhabitants, artists (artists, carpenters, architects) and everyone interested.


Action plan:

Before the festival, there will be meetings with active locals in the courtyards in order to discuss potential tools to use during the workshop.


At the festival:

Day 1. Getting to know neighbors, discussion in the yard # 1

Day 2. Workshop on painting the wall under the “summer cinema” in the courtyard # 1, a joint film viewing

Day 3. Getting to know neighbors, discussion in the yard # 2

Day 4. Workshop in the yard # 2 - “sandbox bench”

Day 5. Getting to know neighbors, discussion in the yard # 3

Day 6. Workshop in the yard # 3 - “vertical gardening”



"Intangible" results - the principles of good neighborliness will be established, problems defined, solutions for improvement offered.

"Tangible" results - real examples of the improvement will be left in every courtyard, like the vertical garden, summer cinema, sandbox bench.


​Who we'll be happy to see:

Despite the location and the frames of this workshop, we'll be happy to see participants from different cities as well. If you are an architect, craftsman, working with public spaces...we will be very happy to have the interdisciplinary and geographically diverse team.

You will have the opportunity to work with three different cases, three different communities and three interventions aimed at improving the living around courtyards.


The amount of happiness per day:

4-5 hours every day

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