Workshop #11.

Scan if you can

Lead by:

Roman Sakh and Kostia Kuchabskiy (Formographia, Kyiv)


August 13-20 / 9 days


The working location will be determined during the workshop

A number of participants:


What is the workshop about?
What can be considered as history preservation site in the city? What does a plate on the fasade with such status tell us? Who gives it and who should take care of such buildings?


We are used that these questions are solved for us by someone. this is one of the behavioral models left to us from the Soviet past. In the process of work, we will together look for answers to the voiced questions, we will scan Ivano-Frankivsk in search of not discovered heritage. Our findings will be the first step in creation of virtual exposition - "Alternative Virtual Museum of Architectural Heritage".


With the support of our friends from "Pixelated Realities", the participants of the workshop will scan one or several monuments, create a 3D model and develop an interface for citizens - an installation that will be presented in the public space of Frankivsk.

An action plan:

Day 1. We get together, get acquainted, communicate, walk around the city
Day 2. We discuss issues of heritage, the value of urban objects, the possibility of preservation, the procedure of granting the status of a monument
Day 3. We carry out mapping of important objects for the cities, especially those that do not have official status. Add a short description.
This map will have potential locations for scanning.

Day 4. We do a little shooting: we take pictures, take off the drone, unite the material
Day 5. We count data, get a 3D model (in parallel we will be able to pick up the material, make additional photos)
Days 6-7. We edit the 3D model, optimize it for Android mobile app (+iOS if it's possible)
Day 8. Installation of a stele (made in advance) in one of the city's spaces (selected in the process, requires free Wi-Fi). Presentation of the team's achievements and prototype



Expected fast results include:

  • Implemented prototype, which will remain in the city and will be able to be used by the citizens in the future

  • Formed team that can extend the idea of scanning of important objects and their updating in Frankivsk

  • The map-story with alternative (or additional) buildings that need to be preserved

Expected long-term results include:

  • Rethinking the issue of preserving the heritage

  • Awareness of the need of the active position or Ivano-Frankivsk citizens in this matter

  • The creation of the "Alternative Virtual Museum of Architectural Heritage" in Ivano-Frankivsk , which will complement the state register and signal the value of certain buildings to the general public

  • Cooperation between the initiative and the Architectural Department regarding the granting of the status of a monument or in matters of restoration​

​Who we'll be happy to see:

We would like to work with different "technogeeks", restorers, designers, active citizens, engineers, IT specialists, parents with children.

The amount of happiness per day:

6-8 hours per  day