Workshop #3.



Lead by:

Anna Dobrova and Dima Isaev (Kyiv, Vienna)



August 14-20 / 7 days


The number of participants:




Options are currently being considered: the sleeping area of the city, the park area of ​​the German lake, the historical center of Bastion, the square in front of the regional administration.


What is the workshop about?

People often discuss the weather. It’s a phenomenon that a human being will never be able to control. In addition, this is one of the easiest ways to start a conversation.


The weather affects our everyday behavior, mood, and lifestyle in the city. Even though in modern cities this influence is not so clearly visible unlike in the middle of the field or in the wilderness, we’re still trying to avoid the rain, quickly pass through windy places and hide from the heat.


During our workshop, we will analyze how meteorological phenomena govern our perception and the desire to spend time outdoors. Together with the participants, we will observe and create alternative spaces in the city, which will give people a new glimpse for both well-known and unfamiliar Frankivsk.


An action plan:

Day 1. Introduction, observation of the city, mapping of potential locations, reflection

Day 2. Individual research by participants, discussions, analysis of selected locations, analysis of identified problems and observations

Day 3. Work in groups, discussions, search for possible solutions, reflection, evening discussions, summaries

Day 4. Work on ideas, evening presentations, discussion

Day 5-7. Work on the project, implementation of ideas

Day 8. Pesentation of projects, performance



Visible results: development of mapped reflection of potentials and problems of selected objects in accordance with the weather factor in the city. And also, some physical prototypes for implementing solutions to identified problems.


Intangible results: the creation of a working group of students from local and foreign architectural faculties for further work on joint architectural and urban projects.



We’ll be happy to see:

Young practicing architects, students of faculties of architecture, design, city planning, as well as applied manufacturing specialties.


The amount of happiness per day:

Many hours together, mastering and laughing. 7-8 hours per day.