Workshop #4.

Railway Jam


Lead by:

Yanina Shpachynska (Zapaska) and Misha Yakymchuk (La Belle Verte, Memorials like us), Kamyanets-Podilsky



August 16-20 / 5 days



Bystrytsia Railway Station


A number of participants:



What is the workshop about?

Railway Jam is a series of educational musical events. We will hold them at the railway station of Bystrytsia. Together we will see how the acoustics of the room and its primary purpose can affect the creative processes that will take place in it. Then we will try to understand how much the events held in the place can shape the perception of ​​it among the locals. The workshop participants will be able to explore the features of the city's sound landscape through a joint audio experience and its discussion.


An action plan:

The workshop will consist of the following parts (5 days):

Before the beginning of the workshop. Curators and invited artists will visit the location to prepare for sessions (test the sound, etc.).

Workshop "Spatial Audio Effects: How do They Affect Music". The acoustic features of the location allow you to observe a specific sound effect, similar to the so-called 'spring-reverb', which is widely used in guitar music – we will try to understand the physical features and the creative role of this phenomenon. Workshop curators will be announced later.

Workshop "Rhythm. The groove of the Trains". We will get acquainted with the basics of time and rhythm in music and everyday life. Because the workshop will be held at the train station with trains passing by sometimes we’ll have a chance to analyze this audio experience through the frame of rhythm and time. Participants are encouraged to bring a variety of percussions along. The workshop curators will be announced later.

Workshop "Voice Enhanced by Space" is dedicated to how space affects our perception of the human voice that is heard in it. Includes choral singing. Curators of the workshop will be announced later.

After three days of sessions, we will meet for an improvisational jam together with local and visiting artists.


An outcome:

The temporary transformation of the railway station into the cultural event's venue will offer an alternative use of this public space. A distant location of the venue from the city center in the middle of industrial zone will help to expand the geography of the city's cultural life. There are many examples of railway stations being transformed into the cultural spaces and we will try to check whether the Bystrytsia station is potentially suitable for this. The workshop participants will acquire elementary musical knowledge and skills, will become acquainted with the notion of researching the sound landscape of the city. Participants will have the experience of closely monitoring the sound environment and its creative rethinking.


We’ll be happy to see:

…all those who want to join, artists, professionals, beginners, simply interested people, moms with prams, grandfathers with sopilkas.


The amount of happiness per day:

15:00-20:00 every day.

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