Workshop #5.

Pain Motel


Lead by:

Alex Sushinskyi and Leo Trotsenko (Chernivtsi, Lviv)



August 13-18 / 6 days



An improvised medical clinic in the city center.


A number of participants:



What is the workshop about?

The curatorial project "Pain motels"* – a private clinic-installation reveals the topic of imitation (role models), falsification processes, a mystification of historical everyday life, which are the most relevant and powerful threats to modern mankind (video falsification of attacks, hybrid wars, hacking attacks).

The format of the clinic refers to the etymology "curae / curatio" [from lat. = Care, treatment].


The reason: the fundamental impossibility of rapid response in the conditions of media traffic, internet anonymity, safer-punk, attacks of this kind. Riseness and overdetermination (when the consequence has more than 2-3 causes of the occurrence) verification processes of truth, since the only truth is suspected in the context of criticism, the rejection of metanarratives (great ideas, religions, ideologies), instead there are small narratives, plurality, subculture as the form of existence in parallel chronotypes of various environments – "affinity groups".


The impossibility of existence in a unified truth mode is the consequence and simultaneously the cause of the multivector uncertainty of the future, a mission without a Mission, which itself is impossible due to the closed code of the none/created universe, which has only a plastic human explanation, an imagination, an imitation matrix of laws, mechanisms, rules, structures of the language that makes up the protective shield, that prevents from madness. And at the end – a wallet. In particular, because of this, we have processes of narcotization on a global scale and local subcultures. An example of this we can find in a story written by S. Lem's "The Futurological Congress", talking about the "Procrustics Inc." corporation, which sprawls “mascons” over the city and spreads drugs that expose the reality (algebrain, altruisin, zen-oxide buddhina, etc.).


The project takes place in 3 stages of visualization:

Stage / Day 1: medical, cold;

Stage / Day 2: D.Lynch-darClinic, red;

Stage / Day 3: documentary, Neutral Transparent.



* Role-playing → Painful, moDels → MoTels


An action plan:

Along with Ale and Leo, the participants will plunge into the creation of a model clinic addressing the problems of modern society – involuntary resettlement, post-traumatic syndromes, and consumerism. At first, the participants will work on creating the interior of the clinic.

The next three days, the clinic with participants will work in the mode of reception hours for patients, which is part of the performance.

After that, the clinic will be turned into a place for video, audio, and light installations in order to achieve the effect of the cold clinic for another three days. The final result will be the creation of a brochure-catalogue about the project in the forms of essays, interviews, comic books, which will later be available for free download.



A series of events and performances based on an improvised clinic and an on-going medical journal on project activities.


We’ll be happy to see:

…all those interested in taking part


The amount of happiness per day:

5-6 hours per day, a detailed schedule will be available later.