Workshop #6.

Village Idiot


Lead by:

Bohdan Volynskyi and Valeria Ahafonova (Kharkiv)



August 13-19 / 7 days



Cozy courtyard in the city center, central market


A number of participants:



What is the workshop about?

Architects, urbanists, designers are still trying to adapt places for people. But what if it should work on the contrary? What if people would have the skills to reorganize the space in the needed way? For example, you can swim in the water on a float or a boat, but what if you’d just learn how to swim?


Architects are boundlessly busy creating public spaces, but nobody tries to salute a stranger on the street for no reason. A new urban paradigm for is not yet defined. There are still no Flâneur or traveling habits, changing places of residence, parties, good neighbourhoods and people who will find, formulate and disseminate knowledge about comfort in the city.


An action plan:

Through a series of exercises and experiments, we will find a new perception and attitude towards the spaces of Ivano-Frankivsk and try to make them noticeable for the locals. We will start with a small spontaneous market and change its traditional destination to a place for breakfast or party as soon as there is a meal.


We will explore the place and processes to find hidden opportunities for local users. We also intend to document the project through the prism of architectural tools and work on the formation of new theoretical principles based on our experiments. This project is only a small step in the long way of a future change in the perception of an architectural project, as an act of construction. Our participants will formulate the definition of an architect profession and will expand the limits of a daily routine.


Day 1.

Acquaintance. Introduction. Drinking water exercise. A slow walk exercises. Reflections


Day 2.

Visiting the pre-selected location on the market. Search for alternative locations. Photo, sketching. Evening discussion


Day 3.

Sketches, designing. Market interventions. Documentation


Day 4.

Work on individual or group ideas. The first drawings. Layout and postproduction


Day 5.

Work on individual or group ideas. Preparation for "city actions"


Day 6.

Interventions, documentation. Post-production


Day 7.




We will collect some ideas for the new use of the city in a brochure. We will also try to change the perception of things and leave a new experience for participants and the locals.


We’ll be happy to see:

This workshop is not exclusive to architects and urbanists. It is for the locals who want to learn how to look at the space in a different way and change it qualitatively according to the every-day needs.


The amount of happiness per day:

Each day is programmed for eight hours at the workshop.