Workshop #7.



Lead by:

Serg Pohrebyskyi (Kyiv)



August 12-19 / 8 days




A number of participants:



What is the workshop about?

During six days of the art residency which will be held in Bukvica workroom, three artists from different Ukrainian cities will be researching the topic of movement using different graphic arts techniques.


The workshop will be opened for public on the first and the last day of the festival. All those interested will have a chance to explore and experiment with new graphic techniques.


As a result of the residency, there will be a final exhibition held on the topic of the movement, analyzed through the series of work from three artists. The works will be presented in the public space in Ivano-Frankivsk.


Residency is an experiment which will give an opportunity for locals and artists, in particular, to see the works from a different angle. The main task of the curator will be to film the flow of the research itself. The format of such capturing will correspond to the name of the workshop – Motion-DNA.


An action plan:

Day 1. Open lecture and a workshop on printmaking from the location leader, Serg. Open for everyone who'd like to join. The visitors and participants will be able to go deeper into the topic after the festival.

Getting to know each other.


Days 2/3/4/5/6. Work on the topic in the residency.


Day 7. Results, discussions, and installation of the exhibition


Day 8. Opening



The festival participants will get acquainted with different printing techniques, linocut, in particular.

The exhibition of works done during 5 days of residency by 3 artists.


We'll be happy to see:

Artists working in various artistic techniques.


Amount of happiness per day

As it is a residency, happiness will be happening whole day long.