Workshop #8.



Lead by:

Natalka Dovha (Kyiv, Warsaw)



August 12-18 / 7 days



The old market on the Trinitarian square


A number of participants:



What is this workshop about?

There is a term in the Ukrainian language "pustka" that refers to different types of places and spaces with different natural characteristics. Dictionaries ​​point to the fact that the area is already intensively used and has no economic value. The word itself has negative connotations, while these spaces have enormous potential and can be of great benefit not perceived as empty territories only, or potentially interesting for the developers.


The project aims to determine the true definition and interpretation of such spaces as well as to establish possible ways of using these territories, to show the image of the responsible local who cares about the resources available in the city.


RE: VISION is a general checklist, an attempt to critically assess the functionality of the urban space of the central part of Ivano-Frankivsk (urban planning, design, green areas, etc.). This evaluation will identify and arrange those empty spots that have lost their function or have never been used for a purpose. The aim of this activity is also to attract the attention of the community and government to such spots and to think about concepts for the their development, encourage further discussion and advocacy on local levels.


An action plan:

Day 1. Getting to know each other, presenting ideas and methods of work, working with a common definition of the term "pustka";

Day 2. Working in the field, studying the city, mapping empty spaces, photographing

Day 3. Sharing impressions and experiences from the previous days, creating a map, discussing the potential of selected places

Day 4. Choosing the work locations, working in the field, brainstorming ideas and ways to include empty spaces into an efficient urban space

Day 5. Presenting a map with identified locations and proposals/prototypes for selected projects

Day 6. Creating the base – developing a common action plan for the use of empty spaces

Day 7. Creative presentation of the work, performing in the city, micro-intervention



Established base for work with empty spaces in Ivano-Frankivsk which are now identified and mapped; experiment with the creation of spatial prototypes. Formed group of local residents who are interested in continuing the transformation of the city, development and advocacy initiatives. Prototypes that appeared during the workshops of the festival.


We'll be happy to see:

teenagers and children older than 9 years who are interested in their city.


The workshop involves collaboration between active citizens, artists, architects, urbanists and all those interested from all age groups.


Amount of happiness per day:

3-4 hours every day.