Workshop #9.

Galician Communal’s Garden / Ukrainian Archipelago

Lead by:

Marta Ferretti and Francesco Campagniari (collective Interzona, Verona, Italy)


August 13-17 / 5 days


Opryshivtsi district, Ivano-Frankivsk


What is the workshop about?

The starting point of this workshop was the desire to use an experience of Italian collective Interzona and their project Archipelago, collective garden in Verona. This garden works from 2014. Planned workshop in Frankinvsk will direct participants on the research of abandoned space in Opryshivtsi, one of Ivano-Frankivsk's districts, for further creation new 'botanic garden' and active community around the project.


Through participant methodology, the team will be directed to communal botanic garden creating where every element will be reproduced, redefined, imagined through the prism of own potential.


Botanic gardens traditionally were a gathering of plants are combined by a scientifical/botanical principal. Gardens express the idea of the clearly classified world by kinds, families and other taxons. In opposite of this, our workshop will found first steps with other principals - delight and desire will be the main motors for creating live space for the community.

An action plan:

Day 1. Workshop introduction, picked location visit , brief introduction of participants

Day 2. Discussion and analysis of potential of location

Day 3. Pick and gathering of plants for botanic garden – everyone will justife and explaine to the team, why he picked this plant. In other words, plan may summon personal memory, emotions, resonate with local traditions, historical events.

Day 4. Workshop team meeting with local community – creation communal garden

Day 5. Practical work and creating communal garden.


In the end of the workshop there will be public and open presentation of garden, where city inhabitants will be able to add their own plants and to stomp the future development of the garden.

We’ll be happy to see:

This workshop is available for any age and any professional group of participants. If work with plants, city space and rethinking fixed categories of “Botanica” then you are in the right place!

The amount of happiness per day:

5 hours everyday