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City Scanning Session

festival about the city

Ivano-Frankivsk, 12-20 of August 2017

The festival will become an experimental platform for a new look at the city's expanses. We want to create a tradition to think about our city. During the festival participants will be able to participate in city changes / become part of urban changes.

Frankivsk, Philadelphia, Frankfurt, Feofaniya - no matter what city you are from and what profession you are, your participation and desire are important. 12 locations in the city will allow you to work with professionals on urban areas in Ivano-Frankivsk.

The festival aims to become annual. Each time we will choose new festival curators to explore the hidden pages of urban mechanisms and their development. So, this year the theme of the festival is vol.1 Role Models. The idea is simple as the world - to find a purely Frankivsk practice, stop silently copying projects from Europe and think how our models work. This is about urban space and how we interact in this space.

The Festival Brochure

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