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Festival newspaper "MANUFUTURING"

Articles on the main issues of the festival:

"Cities for living/Cities for Manufacturing"

(How the New Wave of Industrialization Changes City Life)

"Common Cause"

(Who Works at Promprylad and Nearby)

 "Nurturing Diversity"

(How Social Relationships Help the Economy)

 "The Second Chance"

(How and Why Cities Revitalized Abandoned Structures)

 "Decentralizing the City"

(How to Work with Districts)

 "Scanning the Neighborhood"

(What Can Be Found on the Map around Promprylad)

 "Right to the City"

(What is Participation?)

 "From Confrontation to Doubt"

(The Strengths and the Weaknesses of Participatory Art )

 "Outposts of Digitization"

(What Fab Lab Are and Why We Need Them)

 "Open the Workshop!"

(A Place Where Makers, Students and Festival Visitors are Welcome)



The theme of the festival 2019 is “MANUFUTURING”.

(«MANUfaktura + FUTURum», «MANUal+ FUTURe», «MANUs+ FUTURum»)

In 20th century our cities were built to make living, work and leisure spatially separated from each other to make the cities more efficient, rational, and hygienic (Hello, "Athens Charter" 1933). Today we observe this division by leaving our “sleeping” districts, bypassing enormous (post)industrial zones to get to the city center to the office or to have fun.


Nowadays, inhabitants, as well as companies, are rediscovering the qualities of integrated production sites in the city. By linking production, living and leisure – the routes become shorter – people get more connected to the products, services and cultural activities. This proximity in turn ensures new knowledge and opens new opportunities for cooperation, production and innovation.


Ongoing production facilities create a setting for CSS’19 participants to play a scenario, where manufacturing becomes a basis for the local economy in the community.

  —  Could this be an alternative to the trend of outsourced production?


  —  What are the consequences of shifting the production out of the city, connected with the loss of skills for innovation in industry?


  —  How architecture, design and art can contribute to the circular economy in the city, and how it can help to integrate the revitalization project of the old factory into the area around?

We like to support critical analysis, to test participatory processes and to implement urban revitalisation ideas.


CCS’19 topic will be developed around the following aspects –


(1) Production in the City

(2) Circular Economy

(3) Shared Working Space

(4) Community Inclusion

(5) Decentralization in the City

(6) Post-Revitalization.



Ivano-Frankivsk has a post-industrial scenery which is scattered throughout the city.

The background of the festival is the concept of  “city decentralization” to strengthen the local autonomy and local economy, with the example of the district around the Promprylad Plant. This post-industrial building became part of the grass-root initiative - Promrylad.Renovation – to be renovated for the next four years. Our goal is to co-create the future of this post-industrial neighbourhood - new models which could be transformed, shared and scaled-up - with urban professionals, artists, local businesses, municipalities and residents.


The entire area of Promprylad Plant is still alive and quite connected to the city, not too far away. In this neighbourhood there is an opportunity to connect the living industrial heritage with a new creative industry - we intend to use our chance.



We invite professional urban experts, architects and artists to meet citizens in workshops and building camps, symposium, urban residency, art and architecture projects, music, to find answers for the following questions:


 - How architecture, design and art can contribute to the circular economy in the city, and how it can help to integrate the revitalization project of the old factory into the area around?


CSS’19 provides space and infrastructure for experiments and discussions, a hub of knowledge. Objectives are a social equal, spatial inclusive, cultural rich, environmental friendly, economical balanced city. The combination of activities with different rhythms, timescales and topics is addressing different participants - AND WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US.

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