Curators: Asel Yeszhanova, Zoryana Martyniuk

During five days of the workshop we have experimented with the materials — from textiles to plastic and foil. We studied how fabrics with different structure, density, texture, can interact, complement each other and change their behavior.

Together with Zoryana and a team of cool, open-minded and bright participants, we made giant curtains for the Parasolka workshop. The plastic net become something like a canvas, on which the endless strips of textile (and not only) created images — lines, ornaments, storylines. There are different ideas on each of the six canvases: a surface emerged exclusively from transparent stripes, a traditional Hutsul motif interlacing with cosmic silver ribbons, patterns made of only warm or only cold tones.

Without knowing it, we came up with a story of freely wandering materials on the grid. By the way, all used fabrics is found at the second hand shops. We tried to give a second life to the pieces in a space, which also used to serve for other purposes.

Together with the participants of the workshop we have interlaced into our works tenderness, friendship, solidarity, respect for the history of the place. Let the ideas, materials, and people roam, exchange experiences, create new stories, connections, traditions and itineraries.



Curators: Dmytro Isaiev, Taras Pastuschuk

Within the framework of City Scanning Sessions Festival, there was a two-day workshop:  “Design of the common product”. Participants of the workshop designed infrastructural objects for exhibition around the Lake with the Swan. All objects are made of concrete and are resistant to adverse weather conditions, vandal-proof and will serve for a long time.


All objects are experimental and are exhibited temporarily. Our team has developed feedback and comments collecting system. If it becomes clear that some of the objects are inappropriate, they will be removed. Objects that receive positive feedback from the community will be produced in larger amount.

To see all the works of the workshop, please, take a walk around the lake and take a look at all of the objects.


Author: Olena Babko

The game. Game is older than humanity itself, and can also be found in the wild life. It has accompanied humanity during the long evolutionary path and was one of the driving forces of this progress. It develops new skills and ways of thinking, improves coordination, teaches  quick decision making and flexibility for environment conditions changes, strengthens strategic thinking, and encourages team-player skills. These are some of the essential components of modern-day life, aren’t they?

This project aims at gathering people around The Game. It tends to urge users of the space to interact and communicate. Absolute strangers can also be involved in The Game.

Bright colors of The Game prompt participation. They are the invitation for action. Dare to come closer, and you will not be able to stop!

The absence of rules and restrictions is essential to The Game. Each potential player is free in their aspirations and fantasies: small train, castle or bridge, tower or hobbit-hole, fortifications or friendly mushrooms-like houses… Feel free to create your own worlds.


  • It’s cosy and comfortable to cook food on an open fire.

  • Big company or two families at a time can make barbecue on the grill

  • These places give an opportunity to extend one’s social circle

  • It’s undesirable to make fire under the trees, so the grill will be set in an open plot.

  • The grill is vandal-free, so it will serve for a longer time.

• “BABY OX” Grill

Authors: Andrij Majhutiak, Andrij Zanyk, Julia

Slyusar, Roman Petriv


Authors: Stanislav Krul, Boris Yaskevich

What makes people different from other creatures is the ability to make a chair. What makes a person civilized  is the ability to make a chair with a backrest.

This contraption aims at resolving the problem of missing backrests from spontaneous constructions for outdoor seating and reveals various functions: laying, tableful, and it can even be used as a grill.

Rollington is a modular element of specific shape, which can be rolled, pulled and put together in any possible way, depending on your strength and imagination.

And that is not nearly all that can be constructed with the rollingtons:




Throne of the sinister ruler   

Dinner for two             

Ceremonial altar           

Picnic with grill

Lounge for King            

One of the most precious places of the lake is the pier. Focusing on this location, we set a goal to add communication opportunities among  the shores.

Construction of a loudspeaker is a conditional “bridge” for communication. “Sound bridge” gives an opportunity to unite the opposite shores and create a specific atmosphere for a big company.

Optionally, this construction can be used for listening to your preferred music. The shape has a slot for mobile phones, which intensifies the volume of the phone speakers.


Authors: Misha Veklin, Marjana Baran


Authors: Bohdan Serediak, Sonia Bram

This project is about sensory perception by the lake. We invite the visitors to special places around the lake, where one can experience the nature.

From the slope shadows of such places, you can see a scenery of the lake with looming branches and enjoy the sunset in the summer. Ergonomically shaped seats, formed by curves of the body, invites you to take a seat. Their smoothness and comfort help one focus on their thoughts and contemplation of the nature around.

Visitor has an opportunity to redefine oneself in the space and to see the new beauty – wild and virgin