Workshop #2.

Natura-Camp: the act of collective creativity

Lead by:

Seila Fernández Arconada (Bilbao, Bristol)


August 14-18 / 5 days


Island of the German Lake

A number of participants:


What is the workshop about?

Natural-Camp: the act of collective creativity is a hands on collaborative artistic project in the island of the German Lake. During 5 days some working groups with artists together with engineers, biologists, urban developers, scientists, etc. (selected in an open call) will live (camp) and work together in the island in order to imagine and feel themselves and the surrounding nature to revitalize innovative thinking and creative articulations.

During this time, a number of scheduled artistic experiments, workshops, local experts visits, collective exchanges, etc. will be happening. This experience will provide an artistic experience with the familiar in order to enhance sociological and environmental consciousness, and a number of skills and learning. The ""artistic experiments"" will follow a number of methods drawn from different fields of study to observe, experience and analise the limits between the tangible and intangible. This process will guide the participants to generate a number of collaborative public interventions in the area in/around the German Lake which will be presented to the public during the festival.

An action plan:

Creative colaboration during 5 days.

Day 1, arrival of the participants:

Introductory talk/meeting in a central space in Ivano Frankivsk (projection/introduction and getting to know each other)

Walking together to the German Lake

Installation of the Camp

Common supper

Sharing / presentation of each other with objects previously asked for (activity)

Day 2:

Workshops to explore the island at practical (active engagement) and theoretical level

Local expert talk at the camp about the German Lake's history

Forming of the groups

Collaborative methodologies for groups; working group sessions "understanding each other" (multi-trans-inter-disciplinary approaches)

Local expert talk at the camp about biology / geology of the space

Discussion session

Day 3:

Workshops to explore the island

Sharing methods workshop, exchange/collaborative approaches

Screening of historical films, poems about the area in the German Lake

Local expert talk: "Identity or Territory", studying the processes of creation around Ivano-Frankivsk

Working in groups

Discussion session

Day 4:

Working in groups

Collective creation of installations

Discussion session

Day 5:

Working in groups

Installation of the work in the public space

Presentation decisions session

Collaborative map design for the public and documentation of the project

Discussion session

Removing Camp


The tangible outcomes of the workshop will be:

  • The documentation of the process which will be collected with a number of different techniques

  • The “exhibition” for the public which will be presented to the further audience after the camp is finished

The intangible results:

  • The process of camping in the German Lake will enable further discussion with locals therefore awareness of the space and its importance.

  • The collaborative experience between the participants, skills and learning

  • Further consequences with longer term processes developing the German Lake

We'll be happy to see:

Engineers, scientists, artists, architects, urban planners, environmentalists, biologists, sociologists, journalists, active citizens.

The amount of happiness per day:

Full camping with 5-6 hours of work over the project every day.